About Georges


Born in Beirut in 1973, George Meouchy holds a masters in law and 20 years of law practice during which he developed a wide and deep understanding of social interactions. In due course, these awakened the artist within. After coming across a painting by Basquiat in a friend’s entryway, it triggered something inside him, an insatiable craving to create. Thereafter, he started bringing these creations to life, from scribbling on pieces of paper at the office, to teaching himself how to paint. In September 2022 Georges work was featured within a wide range of works by notable artists from Lebanon in the auction entitled ART TO LEARN, ART TO LIVE, a collaboration between The Lebanese American University in New York City and Artscoops. The proceeds went to support student financial aid and cancer care.


People always ask me why I started painting after 20 years of legal practice. ‘The simple and honest truth is that after coming across a painting by Basquiat, I felt an urge to create pieces springing from my own sentiments and conveying endless emotional dimensions. I started creating pieces that are raw, emotive, primitive, and instinctual .. After developing an interest in contemporary art, my passion for portraying the mystery of the psyche led to the development of a playful and funky style depicting both the fortunes and tragedies of the human condition